About GrowthCulture

The core focus of GrowthCulture Consulting is to enable companies of all sizes to drive better business results with its uniquely designed solutions that provide competitive advantage to the companies, leveraging which they can drive faster business growth.

Covid-19 has impacted all the businesses, but it has also presented an unique opportunity to bring in transformative changes that could help them prepare for building a better business. GrowthCulture Consulting brings in required expertise and partners with companies to build a business that can grow faster.

Mansingh Gadhvi

About Founder

Mansingh Gadhvi is the Founder of GrowthCulture Consulting. He is an Author, seasoned business leader, strategic advisor and management consultant with close to two decades of corporate experience and has worked with world’s top fortune 500 companies before starting this company.

He is passionate about business growth and as a result he with almost like missionary zeal pursues this subject and devotes lot of time studying different businesses to understand what it takes to grow a company; why some companies grow faster versus some companies that are not able to achieve that feat.

A Key Program designed and executed by him is the GrowthCulture Leap Ahead Program, it covers 17 core growth principles, when these growth principles are applied in a business and improved upon continuously, it would create Growth Culture, that could result in growth acceleration of the company. The Leap Ahead Program is inspired from and a result of his book The Growth Company.

Mansingh’s vision is a world full of high growth companies with motivated, inspired and happy employees. He founded GrowthCulture Consulting LLP to fulfil this vision and help companies and its employees become best version of themselves. He believes with growth comes all kind of opportunities, everyone stands to gain — the company, employees, suppliers & partners, the families supporting them, it results in a better world.

Our Vision

A World full of high growth companies with motivated, inspired and happy employees.

Our Mission

Inspire Billion People to lead Motivated, Inspired and a Happy Life.

Our Values

Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and Customer Success.

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