The Startup World Is Dynamic

Thousands of new ventures are formed every single day, with a promise that they would grow into a large company and would create massive value for its stakeholders.

But we know how hard it is to grow a venture, more than 90% of ventures fail to make it big, some have to be sold off, it is because the challenges that startups face are too many, sometimes it could get overwhelming, and without right support, resources and experts, it becomes tough to navigate and steer company towards growth.

GrowthCulture Consulting provides the required tools, services, resources and expert advice to help Founders build their business on strong foundation to successfully grow the business, it gives them an unique edge.

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Driving Sales Revenue

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Business Growth Support Services

Business Growth Advisory and Consulting

Every business is unique and has potential to grow, but there are multiple factors that affect growth of the venture. When the company is at a nascent stage of development, then ideas and products play important role, then funding becomes important to scale and then culture and building right team influences the growth outcome. 

As strategic growth advisors and consultants we study and understand the company around 17 Growth areas; ranging from People/Talent, Products/Solutions, Processes, Strategy, Culture and Technology to provide our recommendations to remove inefficiencies or bottlenecks that can help company drive faster business growth.

Driving Sales Revenue

Sales is the driving engine of growth for any company, startups need top sales talent to drive sales revenue, and with sales numbers the startup is able to attract funding, top talent and it sets the stage for building a larger business. 

Startups face multiple challenges in this area, spotting top sales talent is difficult, good sales talent means paying top dollars, and it’s difficult to retain top sales talent as everyone is looking for them. It keeps lot of founders awake at night.

We are solving this problem for startups with our The SalesTiger business vertical, it helps startups recruit top sales talent that works best for them, they can hire for full time or part time roles that suits their requirements, they can look at The SalesTiger platform as a key source to hire for sales positions. 

The SalesTiger vertical also helps startups reduce their salary bills on sales talent yet retaining the sales performance by providing on-demand sales talent, that works as an extended employee to the company and helps in driving sales revenue, yet providing full flexibility around their deployment and services. This helps in optimising cash flow that could be invested in important areas.

The SalesTiger helps startups scale their operations and expand into new regions and markets without risk of stretching thin.

Venture Funding

Start-up Founders need more than just consulting or advisory services to grow their venture, they require a venture partner that could help and support them with raising funds as required to support the growth journey.

We work closely with leading venture capital firms and help startups raise funds for different stages of the business. We have access to multiple fund raising platforms, and can support raising up to USD $10 million. Our venture partner firm already has helped number of startups raise funds and that is fuelling their growth.

Business Growth Support Services

We provide lot of crucial support services that startups need along in their growth journey, and typically founders waste lot of time on these areas looking for right partners to provide services, that otherwise they could focus on growing their business.

We reduce ambiguity and guessing exercise and help startups with right solution/service providers that works well for them, through our strong partner network.

Support Services

  • Technology Services and Staffing
  • Consulting for Business Applications like CRM, HRMS, LMS and ERP
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media, Content and Design Services
  • Market Research and Due Diligence
  • Setting up India Talent Office
  • Business Expansion into New Geographies

Reach us for more details, lets explore how we could help grow your venture!