Aligning Organisation to Drive Growth

Every crises also brings with it an opportunity, often not visible. Let this pandemic be your opportunity to build a better and sound business, that could thrive in the times to come.

The current crises has tested many businesses, and it has made many companies look vulnerable, while the actions and reactions might help in this short period of time, it’s a perfect opportunity for the businesses to put together a long term strategy to grow the business; leaders need to Re-imaging, Re-wire and Re-energise the company to build a stronger and much more resilient company.

If you are looking for new ideas and strategics to build a company on strong foundation that could leap ahead and thrive, then Leap Ahead program could serve you well.


Growth Strategy with Culture

Leap Ahead Program works on fundamental principles of growing a business — the principles that are true irrespective of industry or size of the company. The Leap Ahead program enables companies to implement best practices around 17 Growth Principles, that serve as a foundation layer to build a strong and resilient company — a company that is build to thrive and dominate the market place.

By getting the 17 Growth Principles right, the company builds a growth mindset also know as Growth Culture, where it is able to align everyone in the company towards driving faster business growth. The collective company thoughts, beliefs, actions are towards growing the company and it provides an unparalleled edge to the company as it competes and grows the business.

The 17 Growth Principles

Continuous Learning Culture

This growth principle would help company evolve from trainings to providing continuous learning, from learning management to focusing on learning experience, from dealing with standard content to creating curated and personalised content, ad-hoc learning assignments to developing current and future skills & competencies and many other areas that would support organisational growth objectives.

All-in Sales Culture

This principle would help company harness full potential of its workforce and channel it towards driving sales. The company would create systems and processes that would foster collaboration among sales and non-sales teams. The non-sales teams would have enough reasons to work closely with sales team to drive numbers. The razor sharp focus on sales numbers would put all hands on the deck, where everyone comes together to grow the company faster.

Vision, Mission and Purpose Culture

This principle would help company align itself towards its vision, mission and values. The leadership and employees would fully understand the vision, mission and values of the company. Leadership would live & drive those values, that would create a company with purpose. The employees would find purpose and meaning in their work and would bring their best and would strongly identify themselves with the company and it would help drive faster growth.

Customer Success Culture

This principle would help company evolve from focusing on customer support to measuring and driving customer success. The strategies would help company convert its customers into loyal fans. The company would be able to drive more revenue from its customer base, would retain and acquire more customers to sustain high growth rates as it would leverage deep customer analytics and would understand its customers better.

Recurring Revenue Culture

This principle would help company understand the importance of reducing focus on one time revenue model to doing more business with recurring revenue model, as fast growing companies are build on the foundation of recurring revenue principle. It would help company devise effective strategies that could help them drive more recurring revenue thereby helping reduce customer acquisition costs, improve margins, create continuous cash flow and build a predicable business.

Leadership Culture

This principle would help company convert its employees into leaders; where everyone is accountable and takes decisions that is in the best interest of the company. This principle would help company evolve from the standard practices of meetings, reviews, carrot and sticks to drive performance leveraging EEMICA framework — that stands for Empower, Enable, Motivate, Inspire, Coach and Appreciate its employees and it would lead to driving faster business growth.

Hire-and-Retain Right Talent Culture

This principle would help company strengthen its processes and practices around hiring and retaining right talent. From reactive hiring, company would move to proactive hiring, from making gut based decisions, it would move to taking decisions based on the data, from hiring that suits a manager to hiring that suits the company. This principle would also help company strengthen its talent retention practices and would greatly reduce friction typically associated with annual appraisal ratings, promotions and pay hikes.

Digital Culture

This principle would help company drive growth leveraging digital technologies. The leadership team instead of delegating digital initiatives would play key role in driving the digital initiatives that would provide strategic advantage to the company. All the employees would understand the digital landscape and would effectively use the latest technologies to stay ahead. The company would understand the importance of moving away from applications that add little value to running on best of the breed applications that provide edge to the business and helps in driving faster growth.

#1 Product Culture

This principle would help company re-imagine their product strategy. The company would evolve from developing good products or solutions to developing #1 Products and Solutions. This principle would help companies develop more #1 products and continuously add them to their product portfolio. The strategies would help company look at its product road map closely and optimise it to create products that would add greater value to the company and its customers and it would provide unique competitive advantage and helps in driving faster growth.

Giving Back Culture

This principle would help company create better processes and policies around philanthropy and giving back programs. This principle would help strengthen the connect between company, employees and society. The company would move away from merely running some programs to coming across as a company that is serious about philanthropy, that stands for more than just making profits. The employees would play a key role in building a better world and all of it would help company drive faster growth.

Ideas and Innovation Culture

This principle would help company unleash a continuous wave of new ideas and innovations in the company. The strategies and processes would help capture ideas seamlessly from all its employees, and then process it further to its logical conclusion. The company would be able to bring in the required focus and rigour around creating new inventions and churning out patents constantly to stay ahead of the competition that helps in driving faster business growth.

Rewards and Appreciation Culture

This principle would help company create effective processes and systems to reward and appreciate its employees. The principle would help create a company driven by Empathy and Gratitude. The principle would also help company devise reward programs that encourages healthy competition and there is good level of participation from the employees to achieve the rewards, and it should keep them motivated and inspired that helps drive faster growth.

Story Telling Culture

This principle would help company drive better results leveraging the power of story telling. Company would be able to discover new ways of creating compelling conversation with its employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. This principle would help company convert all its employees into powerful story tellers, that are able to bring in right stories at the right moments that helps in driving their message powerfully, to create an impact and it helps in driving growth.

Employee Success Culture

This principle would help company shift its focus from employee satisfaction to measuring and improving employee success. The principle would help companies create motivated, inspired and happy employees that do their best to help grow the company. The principle would help companies develop deeper relationships with its employees by converting them into stakeholders than just employees, that would support the organisational growth.

We Culture

This principle would help company create processes that would bring together all its employees and would foster greater collaboration. The employees would find right information faster and would leverage the collective wisdom and knowledge of the company to fuel the growth. This principle would help create a mindset in which the employee would put company first, team second and self interest third, that would create a strong culture and high performing teams helping drive faster growth.

Design Thinking Culture

This principle would help company create effective products and solutions keeping end customer in mind. Company would be able to reduce the risk typically associated with creating anything new, be it products or processes. The principle would help company create products and solutions that are effective and provide superior value helping company achieve faster growth in the process.

Ecosystem Success Culture

This principle would help company develop strategies and processes to ensure their ecosystem consisting of partners are successful working with the company. The principle would help company focus on creating partners more as its extended employees than just external entities, resulting in better collaboration and results. The principle would help build right KPIs to measure and improve ecosystem success that helps drive faster business growth.

Why to implement Leap Ahead Program

For a business to grow, it needs to learn, unlearn, adapt, improvise, innovate, try new ideas and implement best practices in order to stay ahead, this program is aimed at agile organisations that are hungry for growth.

The 17 unique principles could become catalyst in company’s growth journey and it could result in improvements in many different areas. The program serves as a compass in the journey, as company aligns itself towards growing faster, in a consistent and predictable manner.

The Program offers immense possibilities to companies to try new ideas and implement best practices that could potentially result in huge returns over this investment.

Finally, doing same things would produce same results, companies need to do different things to achieve different results. This program is for the companies that believe that they can do much better than the current.

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